How to control your mind during Crisis?

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COVID-19 pandemic has created anxiety and impatience among the masses. Whether it is a job, business, or survival, the fear of economic depression has not only hit the individual’s thoughts but governments are also in distress. We have conditioned our minds to look at things that disrupt our mental health. That is where we need “The Change”.

“Life is Dynamic, Reality is stagnant”. Humans are inclined to act in a homeostatic behavior in relation to their personality. Shifting the mindset is to understand reality from confusion. The way to do this is through clear raised consciousness.

Even without a constant barrage of bad or worrisome news, your mind’s natural tendency is to get distracted. A most recent study found that 58% of employees reported an inability to regulate their attention at work. As their mind wanders, research has shown that we get trapped in the patterns of negative thinking.

1. Developing Self-Awareness: Self- Awareness is the key to emotional intelligence. The ability to perceive our thoughts, behaviors, and emotions from an outside perspective.

Self-Awareness strengthens individual performance and equips them with an immense amount of understanding of their role to overcome the fear during a crisis and seek to grow.

Behavior impacts feelings. Growth, promotion, or raise gives us the feeling of happiness. It stimulates our brain to perceive the feeling of happiness. Strive for a balance. Despair and fear can often lead to overreactions.

Recognize your own strengths, remove mental vulnerabilities and exercise positivity, this is the key to improve Emotional Intelligence.

2. Gratitude and humility: As the Covid-19 Pandemic grinds the world to a halt have given rise to humanity. The biggest of them all is those doctors, military and police officials, and the cleaning agents. They have put their lives at risk so that humanity is safe. Doctors have become the embodiment of the biomedical and public health. Nobody is a more tireless champion of the truth and the facts.

Every Individual is committed to develop excellent qualities because we have the moral obligation of caring for others to make a better world. The ability to sense this moral responsibility is a part of humility that motivates us to invest in others and their opportunity to improve.

Leaders in every sector have to show agility and gratitude towards their employees. And it is the responsibility of every employee to perceive the gratitude and work hard in these tough times even if there is distress around. They also should help the leaders by enhancing their skills and bring in new ideas for the growth of the company even in this catastrophe.

3. Innovation: “Necessity is the mother of Invention”. There’s a reason companies like Gap, Zara, Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Chanel are all racing to crank out masks. “Most fashion companies are in the business of nonessential stuff — frocks and handbags and chinos,” writes Zara Stone. “But manufacturing face masks of all types is more likely to be viewed as essential businesses, and many of the brands and factories that produce them are getting granted ‘essential’ status and having their application fast-tracked.”

These are the times where innovation plays a pivotal role. The fashion industry’s sudden stampede to make face masks has garnered praise and enthusiastic headlines across the world. In these challenging times innovation, which requires essential care and support, leads to the recognition and growth of the company.

Instead of focusing on how to deal with this pandemic; we must come up with a solution to innovate our products or services provided. For some fashion companies, pivoting to making masks may be the only way they can weather this crisis. That is what they did, and they are making their mark throughout.

Similarly, Schools are focusing on E-education so that Learning doesn’t stop. Even online training and courses have been on the rise. Every Organisation, small-scale industries, and individual startups are now concentrating on how to binge on in this worldwide web where there are trillions of opportunities knocking at the door.